Dave Goodman My Gracious God

First post: Dec 9, 2019 Latest post: Jan 30, 2020
Once again, we have received God's Amazing Grace. Thank you, in Jesus name....Amen. 

Last Wednesday (Dec 4) my sweet,caring and most
Loving husband, Dave Goodman, suffered a major heart attack while in the emergency room ,(at 
Pelham Hospital) to assess his high blood pressure of 200/119 and shortness of breath. 

After 2-1/2 hours in the ER, in an effort to lower his blood pressure, my Darling husband coded, moments after the shift-change nurse entered his room.
She immediately sent out a "code blue", lowered the head of his bed and began CPR.  He was intubated and given epinephrine.  He then had to be shocked three times.
After 8 minutes, my prayers were answered (PTL)
They had a pulse, removed his tube and was able to speak.  20 minutes later I was able to see and talk to my sweet husband before they wisked him away into a helicopter to Spartanburg Regional.  By the time I arrived, the surgeon had already completed a heart catheterization and inserted a stent into a 100% 
ocluded right artery still breathing and quite able to talk with me.
It was truly one of God's miracles to place that Angel at Dave's bedside at that particular moment, for I was told that if this happened (due to the severity) under any other circumstance, we would have been experiencing a quite different outcome.
"Thank you sweet Jesus for staying at Dave's side during this crucial time.  Amen."

Dave came home on Friday, Dec  6th via our dear friend Larry Lavoie, however, we are still not out of the woods yet. 
Dave has 7 more occlusions on the left side that can make for more serious issues. For now, he will be seeing a heart therapist, three times a week (in Greer) to monitor his heart, medication, exercise and counseling until he undergoes a quadruple bypass in February.

Thank you to our Pastor and Maria, for coming to the hospital; our dear friends, John and Shawn Lutz who came to be with me from the beginning and their transportation; Freda Sue for being with me the day after with lunch in hand; and dearest family calls and texts. ❤️
Thank you to my church family (my prayer warriors) for your emergency prayers.  Please continue to pray for Dave as the Drs prepares and monitors his heart for surgery in February and for relief of pain he's 
experiencing due to  three broken ribs due to CPR.

I will be posting updates.

Love to all...❤️
Lee Anne