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First post: May 3, 2018 Latest post: May 3, 2019
March 8 th Dave was  diagnosed with pneumonia .  He went thru two week treatment .  He was run down but that is to be expected after having pneumonia . He felt like he was doing better than he was . He began  having breathing problems at night .  This we attributed to stress anxiety and some recent financial stress .  The breathing problem got worse . Like he felt like the pneumonia was coming back .  So last Thursday he went to the doctor the ran labs and cxray .  They put him on a maintenance inhaler and rescue . He was struggling with the maintenance inhaler . So Saturday he was instructed to stop taking the maintenance one . He still continued to have moments of feeling ok  but the would have these moments of difficulty breathing that would improve except he could not sleep extend periods of time. Leads us to Tuesday May 1st . We decided if the doctor could not see him he would go the ER . The doctor saw him and noted he was very pale assuming anemia  but noted a 9 lb weight gain .  The doctor referenced  his labs again . Like I said earlier were normal.  He was sent to PSJ Hospital in Elgin for further work up . By the end of his ER stay we new it was heart failure but not how extreme of a case it was .