Dave Crome Dave Crome Family Journey

First post: May 11, 2022 Latest post: Dec 21, 2022
On Monday, April 25, 2022 after the girls noticed Dave was answering questions incorrectly and disoriented, Connor and I took him to the ER thinking he might need a neurological assessment. They did a CT scan and visual exam, noticing he didn’t have vision on his right peripheral side. The CTscan came back showing a tumor. He was in a car accident about eight months ago and they did a CT scan and there was nothing on that scan showing up on his brain. Wednesday, the 27th, he had surgery to remove the brain tumor and preliminary biopsy that showed stage 3–4 malignancy.  When the pathology report came, Dave was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a very aggressive, fast growing tumor that was traced back to three months ago.  

After a week in the hospital he is in rehab to regain some of the skills he lost from the surgery. We will find out tomorrow from his case manager what the next steps will be.

Please pray and thank you for all the love and concern that everyone has shown. God works and is working, no matter the outcome.