Darrick Witte

First post: Apr 28, 2022 Latest post: Jul 20, 2022
Since week 24 of my pregnancy we have been aware of Darrick's condition. It was spotted by my ultrasound tech during a routine ultrasound and was double checked by a high risk OB. I was then referred to UofM Cardiology for a follow up ultrasound with Dr. Vermeulen (I have added a link to Dr. Vermeulen's background.) Where she confirmed that he did in fact have Tetrology of Fallot. I saw her twice while I was pregnant and she said that his heart defect is not as bad as it could be. Now that Darrick is here she has seen him twice in the hospital when I had him and once so far for an additional visit. Every time she has said that he is doing well. She has told us to keep an eye out for any changes of color in his face, these are called "Tet Spells". We haven't noticed much of a change in him when hes upset and crying except for a little bit of a purple discoloration under his bottom lip. But once he is settled it goes back to normal. This is from his heart defect and is normal, we just have to watch it.