Darrell Sivigny

First post: Jun 30, 2021 Latest post: Jul 9, 2022
Darrell’s journey with his leg began Labor Day weekend of 2006. His main artery in his left leg from the groin to his ankle was completely blocked off with a blood clot. The Dr. on call that weekend was Dr. Kreps who did an amazing job saving Darrell’s leg in an emergency surgery situation. First trying to pull veins from Darrell’s right leg to replace the artery… only to discover those veins were not in good enough shape. He ended up putting in an artificial graft in place of the clogged artery. For about a year Darrell’s leg was good, with some new challenges, such as “drop foot”, nerve damage and numbness. He had to learn to walk and get around a bit differently than ever before. In 2007, the artery became clogged again and Darrell went back into emergency surgery with Dr, Kreps. As you could imagine, these surgeries are marathon long! Dr. Kreps, again saved Darrell’s leg by replacing the graft. This graft was a new version they had come out with that was infused with heparin. This proved to be excellent for Darrell and has outlasted most of its kind.
Fast forward to right before Christmas, December of 2020… Darrell’s first episode since 2007, his graft clogged from his groin to his ankle. Severe pain and a very scary time. Dr. Kreps retired and Darrell’s Dr. is now Dr. Kissell, who used to assist in surgeries and work with Dr. Kreps. Darrell is no longer a good candidate for surgery, so basically the only option is to try the TPA treatment. If the TPA doesn’t work, amputation is the only other option. The TPA treatment is where they insert a catheter into the groin and put this powerful drug into the graft to bust up the blood clot. This procedure is a bit dangerous because it can cause severe bleeding and is only done in the ICU. Short story and much trauma and discomfort, Darrell’s leg was again saved. This leads us to the next …