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First post: Aug 22, 2022 Latest post: Sep 26, 2022
On August 18, 2022, Adric suffered a massive heart attack and had to have emergency heart surgery to open 2 blocked arteries.  He has 2 *more* blocked arteries and will be having another surgery soon to place another 2 stents.

Adric was also diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol, so he is facing some major lifestyle changes. As he tries to come to grips with a life without Coke and bacon, Gwen is trying to navigate all the doctors and insurance stuff in addition to working a full-time job. Gwen thought setting up this site would be a way to simplify her updates to friends and family, as well as to allow all of us to help ease the burden a bit.

One way that others can help is to sign-up to drop off meals or have them delivered. They should be diabetic-friendly and enough for three people. If you'd like to sign up, go to the Ways to Help page above and pick a day.  For now, it would be best for visits be kept to a minimum as Adric needs his rest and Gwen has got a lot on her plate, so please don't plan for an evening of entertainment if you stop by to drop off food.

While this was all going on, the upstairs A/C, where the bedrooms are, has gone out, making it very uncomfortable when it comes to sleeping and resting. If anyone know of a reasonable HVAC repair man, please pass the info along.

If there are other things you are available to assist with, please feel free to check out the Planner section on the website to see what kinds of things Gwen needs.

Thanks for visiting!
Catylyn and Essyllt