Daria Surowiak

First post: Dec 6, 2021 Latest post: Apr 25, 2023

In March of 2020  during "pandemic central", a tooth abscess led to an implant followed by a mysterious swollen lymph node below my left jaw, along with a sequence of other health issues.  By October 2021 after months of tests, my diagnosis was finalized - Stage 4 AGRESSIVE B-CELL LYMPHOMA and multiple other auto-immune issues. Fast forward: I'm  writing this in Clearwater, FL, many hours from my home in Malvern, PA (outside Philadelphia) starting the next phase of a this journey.  

In early November, I discovered the treatment center I'm now at in Clearwater, Florida, which utilizes a  chemo treatment that's supportive to the body, along with varied treatments to address my other immune issues at the cellular level. Getting this far has required  HUGE miracles!  Having faith in Jesus, understanding that He can move MOUNTAINS and has an endless storehouse of PROVISION, I decided to press on the doors of "impossibility," trusting fully in "the God of the POSSIBLE."

As of November 22nd, I've  completed about two weeks of treatment so far- intense, 6 to 8 hour days!  I have many months to go, and MANY miracles need to occur for me to continue this treatment regimen.  I've recently moved into a studio apartment rented by a family of previous patients of the treatment center and equipped with air/water filtration and  mold inspection on a regular basis - designed for HEALING!  I'll be in treatment here through December 17th, then fly back to PA December 19th.  I plan on driving my car back to Florida (come on Bessie, you can do it with 240K miles on it!) and will remain in Florida for at least 3 months, through the end of March 2022, or longer depending my progress. 

FAITH BEYOND.....All of this is impossible without God's provision of financial assistance.  I am no longer able to work, so no finances are coming in.  I rent my home in PA for $2200 per month.  I'm paying medical bills from October's surgery to remove a lymph node for pathology testing.  Starting January 3, 2022 and then every 5 weeks, I'll need to pay a $31,000 for the next installment for treatment and chemotherapy.  On top of that, funds are also needed to secure my studio apartment for Jan-March, along with living and personal expenses, drugs and supplements, additional doctor's appointments, etc.  

GoFundMe Link: (https://gofund.me/2fcb357b) Even a small donation could help me reach my goal of $120,000 through April.  If you can't make a donation, it would be a HUGE gift if you could share the link with your social network to help spread the word!

 I am called to continue to "push on the doors" of heaven.   God has impressed on my heart "Leave room for MY GLORY!" I remind myself of these words every day when I feel worried, or fearful about the unknown circumstances ahead, but cannot miss seeing that He has allowed me to come this far.