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Hello, Kindness in the world,

My name is Amanda and I am here to share my father’s journey with cancer and why this year was especially hard for us. We as a family have always prided ourselves to be the positive ones, to be the ones to find the good in the bad situations, and most importantly - to continue to choose love even when love is not choosing us but the last year has instilled an unforgivable and unmerciful lose of hope in the systems around us.

My parents are high school sweethearts and it truly shows - the love they have for each other and the world around them is one of the purest things I’ll ever know. My parents had me at a young age and were determined from day one to not only be actively successful citizens of their community but to raise their 3 children to follow graciously in their noble footsteps. 

My 46-year-old father was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma three years ago and I personally marked that as being one of the worst days of my life until a couple of weeks ago. After chemo was completed, he was told his cancer was considered “stable” and not spreading so he laid low with that information and tried to live his life as normally as possible. 

In the last year and a half, he started having odd pains and very obvious signs of cancer growth again and my parents begged for a PET scan to get some answers as the pain, fatigue, and fear started to really build. He was denied over and over and over again SIMPLY because he has Medicaid. And if there’s one thing about cancer, it’s that time is of the essence and denying someone for over a year who was very clearly showing signs of cancer growth, is just inhumane and incomprehensible. He was finally approved for a PET scan in recent weeks. Without surprise, he is back to stage 4 again and is currently undergoing one of the harshest inpatient chemotherapies there is with a 63% chance of it being successful. Since ICE chemotherapy is so harsh, he had to stay in the hospital for the chemo so they could monitor him as the chemotherapy can cause organ failure and all sorts of other things. He was released after the first session and was readmitted the following day as his bladder was bleeding. They were not sure if they could continue with the chemotherapy but at his appointment yesterday 03.29.21, they said he was losing weight at a rapid rate and the chemotherapy really is the last chance of fighting this nasty disease. They are afraid he might not even be stable enough for a bone marrow transplant. We are circulating positive energies around him in order to keep his spirits up but we are absolutely frightened to our cores. Even facing his own mortality, he still has his sense of humor through all of this. 

On behalf of my father and my family, I’m asking for prayers for healing and financial support in any way to lessen this battle for them. On top of everything, they are fighting to keep their house and to keep my father alive. I long for my family to be able to focus less on whether they will have a roof over their heads tomorrow and more on my father healing and being able to be there to watch my children grow up. They are some of the kindest and MOST wholesome people you will ever meet but I’ve watched their faith crumble this year and that’s been one of the most difficult parts for me. They deserve more! Praying every single day to the higher of all goods to please keep my father here for longer. 🤍

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope the best for you all!

- Amanda 

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