Dan Reberg

First post: Mar 15, 2022 Latest post: Apr 29, 2022
On Sunday, March 13th, Dan was in a snowmobile accident by Park Rapids, MN. He was airlifted to Fargo Hospital. He sustained significant traumatic injuries, focused more so on his right side, including several skull fractures, numerous facial fractures, rib, clavicle, sternal and vertebral fractures, and bruising on his lungs and brain. Incredibly, his brain and spinal cord remain intact and appear to be undamaged, other than some right-sided brain bleeding and possible ligamentous damage along his cervical spine. We were so relieved to find out that none of his injuries have been deemed 'life-threatening' and he will more than likely not require surgery. He is currently in the ICU sedated and on a ventilator.

Yesterday he underwent a breathing test and he was able to breathe on his own. However, his responsiveness continues to be intermittent, so the breathing tube will remain in place for now. The plan today is to decrease sedation in hopes he will respond to verbal cues more consistently. He will continue to undergo breathing trials as well. Because the brain damage is on the right side, the neurologists are hopeful that he will return to normal function and cognition. The swelling in his face continues to go down and his lab values continue to improve. Overall, he is making good progress so far.

Please continue to pray for Dan and our family. Extend your prayers to Kim as she continues to struggle with this traumatic experience. We are doing our best to keep everyone updated, but we are ultimately focusing the majority of our energy on the immediate family.