Dan Peters

First post: Aug 22, 2021 Latest post: Sep 3, 2021
Dan Peters had been feeling like either he had gotten Covid-19 again or his malaria had returned from a previous trip to Africa. Tuesday August 17, 2021 he stayed home and rested all day. Wednesday after still feeling bad he decided to go to the ER to take a covid/malaria test and to get medication. 

While in the ER at Banner Del Webb Hospital in Sun City West, AZ he started having a major heart attack. Having just rescheduled a trip to Africa the provision of God for Dan to have been home and in the hospital when this occurred has kept him alive thus far. 

He called his wife Renae during the heart attack and told her what was happening. Having been the lifetime jokester we all know and love, she thought he was kidding. But he handed the phone to the nurse and she gave her instructions to come quickly to the ER. 

The same day they placed a stint in one artery and will need to wait two weeks to place another. The Dr. has told us that there was major damage to the heart and Dan needed to let his heart recover before placing the next stint. 

The next day Dan was moved from the ICU into a regular room. We were encouraged. He must be getting better. 

Then his heart stopped 2 more times…once for 14 seconds. His lungs started to fill with fluid and he had been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Dan fought the decision to go on a ventilator. The nurses assured him they would get him off of it. The Dr was wanting to help him breathe and to let his heart rest and recover. 

The 22nd of August is day 4 of his sedation and time on a ventilator. 

He’s also had his kidneys stop producing urine with the heart damage. After 2 days of waiting the medical team decided to start dialysis. We pray that this is temporary. Please pray with us that God will heal Dan Peters! 

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