Danny Nevin

First post: May 27, 2018 Latest post: Jun 8, 2018
On May 23rd, Danny was admitted to Palos Hospital with symptoms of pneumonia. He was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure.   Danny was soon placed on a ventilator to administer oxygen to his body, and due to this, he is sedated.   Danny's heart is very weak, and his condition is critical.  On May 26th, he was transferred to Christ Hospital for more extensive care and treatment options.  The short term goal is to wean him from ventilator support and strengthen his heart with the use of medication.  Long term care plans have not yet been fully discussed, as Danny works to first get through this initial critical phase.  Danny is strong as we all know,  and he will pull through this!
 As many of you know, Danny is a "full of life" person, who is loved by so many!!!  To keep everyone updated, we wanted to start this page to share information on his condition.  So far, the support we have received through calls, visits, flowers, messages, etc. has been so comforting.
We want to be clear, this is not a fundraising page;  ALL we ask for are PRAYERS- and lots of them!!!!  With God anything is possible!  
Please feel free to share your favorite stories about Danny, as he will enjoy reading them while he recovers.  Thank you for all of your support.