Daniel Fernandez Danny Needs A Kidney

My name is Danny Fernandez, I'm 39 years old with end-stage renal failure. I have a beautiful and extremely supportive wife and a 6-year-old daughter who inspires me every day to keep going and stay strong. We are devoted Christians that truly believe that God is in control of everything and we have experienced breakthroughs by simply relying on Him. We also strongly believe in the power of prayer because prayer WORKS!

I had my first kidney transplant when I was 3 years old and my mom was the donor. Therefore, after doing the math, my current kidney was functioning for over 35 years! This has truly been a blessing as I had no other health issues or complications. I simply took care of myself, followed doctor's orders and tried to stay as healthy as possible. Fast forward to now, I am in need of a second transplant. Not because I didn't take care of myself or I intentionally allowed my kidney to be rejected but simply because it was a long time.....35 years! Even doctors are impressed at how long the first kidney has lasted. 

Now that I need another kidney, I'm currently on dialysis and not enjoying it one bit. Although dialysis has dramatically improved my health, it takes time away from my family, work and things I like to do. Currently, I'm on home hemodialysis for 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. The only solution I have now is a transplant and I'm asking for your help and I know that with prayers and sharing my story, I will receive a healthy long lasting kidney. I'm also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis that results in everyday pain and discomfort on both my feet which makes is difficult to walk for long periods of time.