Danny Kepley Big Heart and Bad Jokes

First post: May 23, 2020 Latest post: Aug 2, 2020
Dad was diagnosed with COPD months ago, going into hospice care in September 2019. Against odds, he's still kicking  it :) However, Tuesday, May 19th, Danny took a tumble while walking to bed, and fractured his hip. Due to the declination of his health, he is not a candidate for surgery or alternative treatments. He is being kept comfortable, enjoying time with family and friends and some much needed rest. 

We are welcoming visitors, asking everyone be masked during their entire visit, say their goodbyes, and leave with hearts full of joy. 

If you would like to donate to his end-of-life arrangements, to include his cremation and drink slinging, music singing, wing-making, grilling out party, please visit Dad's GoFundMe page at https://tinyurl.com/dannykepley

Stay tuned for updates. Blessings and love. And really bad jokes (check out below and if you have any to add, please do so with a comment!!!)

***This is an ongoing list of the things Dad has been saying and doing, that has made us all smile. If you are easily offended (you probably wouldn't be friends with Dad anyway) be aware there is profane language used below. Enjoy!***

- Yesterday Dad said, “you wouldn’t believe the things I’m seeing. Flys, birds, elephants.” Talking about what the morphine does.
Just now I asked him what he’s seeing today and he said, what my sister thought was “pigeons” (his speech is slurred and raspy). She said “Pigeons?!”. And he repeated himself. 
Then I realized, “he said bitches! Dad, what do they look like?”  

His response, “scary”

- As the hospital bed as being set up: Dad, "Where we going to put that, it ain’t going to fit in here.” Me, “we’re going to move your bed over and it’ll fit right here” Dad, “and move all these pillows over there?” Me, “we won’t need them cause the bed will go up and down.”

Dad, “well why didn’t y’all tell me that months ago?” Cutting his eyes and grinning at me (we've been trying to get him a bed for months).

- Shooting the breeze with Jesse, Michelle and I: "Do you need a check? Do you need some money?" Jesse starts complaining we’re joking on him, we tell Dad he was giving us a hard time. Dad, “ don’t talk to him then!" Michelle says, "we won't!"

Dad, "he knows cary” (as in Cary Your Ass)

- Didn’t talk all day and then snapped out of it when Ryan and Ronda came. Called them “lazy bastards” (he thinks he's running a job they're working on and they are there on break)

- Going around the room asking who everyone is, he got everyone wrong except his ex wife, which he said “Ronda my ex”.

Getting to me (Mel), “Dad who am I?” Smiling and cutting eyes, “some girl I picked up behind Hardees on the way over here"

- He gets a sensation he’s falling and jerks up, everyone starts chuckling (we try and keep the mood light). Dad, “I know y’all are laughing at me”. Rose, “No one is laughing at you.”

Me (Mel), “I am Dad”. 

Dad, “Ima beat yo ass, let me get out of this bed.” (and pretends to try and get up)

- Rose is bending over the bed rails, talking to dad. Dad, “get yo head outta my car, ima roll up the window” 

- Dad complains a lot about Billy and the job he's "doing". Thanks Billy.

- Dad, "QUICK, give me your wallet!!" Jeff gives him his wallet. Dad pulls out his ID, and starts yelling, "Hello! Hello!" into it. He then asks for "the guy with the flash light, "puts the ID in his mouth, looks through the rest of the wallet, and asks for numbers. Michelle gives him numbers and he says, "nope, that's not going to work!" End.