Danny Bobo

First post: Nov 13, 2021 Latest post: Nov 16, 2021
Around October 15th, our entire family came down with Covid-19. Kate, Danny, Daniel and his family all got covid. Everyone quarantined for 2 weeks and were starting to get better, except Danny. Danny was wheezing and we could all tell he was having a really hard time breathing and his fever was not going away. Kate took him to Santiam Hospital in Stayton so he would be closer to us at our new house in Aumsville. He was admitted into the ICU and they started to administrate a steroid and oxygen after being diagnosed with pneumonia from Covid. A few days on regular oxygen his blood started not to accept the oxygen and developed an infection in his blood.  After that was not working anymore they switched Dan to a BiPap machine, which he was on for 7 or 8 days. He continued to not improve on the Bipap machine, his heart was working too hard and he was going to have a heart attack and his lungs were deteriorating, so the family and Dan decided it was time to intubate. After they intubated at the Santiam hospital, they discovered his kidneys were failing and that he would need dialysis. They did not have those resources at Santiam hospital to treat him further so Dan was transferred to OHSU in Hillsboro. After starting dialysis at OHSU, being on the intubation tube (medically induced coma), getting some food in him, and proning him, his blood work started looking good and he is stable. He's stable for now and we have been able to talk to him (he can only hear us) via zoom call. 

During this time, we were all in the process of moving out of a house and moving a large 5th wheel out of an RV park, into Aumsville on property we all just bought together. We had to start moving October 29th. Dan has only stayed 1 night at our new property and he was deathly sick. He has not been able to enjoy it yet. We all hope he comes home soon so he can watch his grandkids grow up on the property and be the woodsman he truly is. Please keep us in your prayers.