Dan Nagelkirk

First post: Apr 27, 2018 Latest post: Sep 4, 2018
Dan was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy about 10 years ago. It's a condition that damages the glomeruli inside your kidneys and can cause kidney disease. In Dan's case it was pretty quiet and controlled for years, until about 6 months ago, when a routine check showed his kidney function was declining. Over the last few months it continued to decline rapidly, so much so that he is at around less than 9% function right now. 

April 11, 2018 he had a catheter put in his belly so he could start receiving dialysis. April 18, he started in-center treatment 5 days a week from 9-5, and starting today, the 27th he will be able to receive his treatments at home. The dialysis will hopefully be short lived as we hope to find a living donor for him so he can have a transplant soon! If we can't find a living donor match he will be put on the transplant waiting list for a cadaver donor. The current wait time is 5-7 years.

Thankfully Dan was approved to start testing for a transplant. He's currently in the process of completing all the necessary tests to get him on the waiting list. 

This page will mainly be used for updates on Dan's health and to keep friends a family current on where he is in the transplant process.