Dan Meyer

First post: Feb 21, 2020 Latest post: Apr 3, 2020
On Saturday the 15th Mike brought Dan to the ER because he wasn’t feeling well. He was admitted and spent the first night in a regular room. On Sunday morning Dan’s airway was compromised and he had to be intubated which meant they had to sedate him. Subsequently, he was moved to the critical care unit. While in critical care, It was initially discovered that Dan has congestive heart failure. Very quickly after that the staff realized he had influenza A and has since developed pneumonia. He is currently relying on a ventilator for his breathing. 

Because Dan has so many people that love him and are concerned, it was decided we would start this page in order to provide everyone with updates as we have them. The progress has been very slow so updates might not be as frequent as everyone would hope, but I promise I will update with as much information as we have at the time.

We truly appreciate all of the support you’ve provided and are so thankful to have so many people sending prayers and positive thoughts for Dan.