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First post: Dec 14, 2018 Latest post: Mar 1, 2019
** EDITED BY ELLIE TO ADD:  Many of you have inquired about how to donate to the Go Fund Me Account referenced below and this page is a little confusing on how to do that so I thought I'd clarify. In order to access her Go Fund Me page you click on "Ways to Help" above, and then click on the "Visit Go Fund Me" button.  Please IGNORE the donation information found on any page of this site; those links are to donate to Caring Bridge, not for Danielle. I apologize for the confusion, and any help you can give (or sharing of this page) is greatly appreciated, thank you!**


My good friend Danielle was recently diagnosed with Thyroid cancer.  In typical Danielle fashion, she is determined and focused on the challenges ahead of her with dignity and grace. 

Those of you who know her well, know that Danielle is always the first to reach out a helping hand, offer a shoulder to cry on, or give spot-on advice.  She has always been one of the first people I turn to when I need help, a good laugh, or just need to talk to someone who always, always keeps it real.  In her work as a coach and interventionist she has helped many, many people and families in their hardest times, and now she is experiencing a difficult time of her own. 

I am a cancer survivor myself, as well as a woman in recovery from alcoholism, like Danielle, and she has helped me in countless ways over the years - not just when I need help staying sober but in many, many ways - and now it's my turn to give back to her.

Thankfully her type of cancer is very treatable and the forecast for her recovery is good, and she is approaching this next chapter with hope and determination.  She will have a long surgery sometime over the next few weeks, and after this surgery, there will be more information about her course of treatment.

It's hard sometimes to know how to help someone you care about when they are facing a cancer diagnosis. The medical bills for Danielle will be high, and the best way we can collectively help her is to donate to this fund to help her keep up with these substantial expenses. Health insurance will kick in and help but only after she pays a high deductible, which is causing her more stress at a time when she should be focused solely on healing and fighting this disease. As many of you know, she left the corporate world several years ago to start her own business, so she does not have the support of paid time off or medical leave plan.  She wants to be able to keep up her important work with people in recovery as much as she can, and will pay as much of the expenses as she's able to, but every little bit helps. 

If you could contribute ANY amount - no amount is too small - it would be a great help to her. It's hard to ask for help, and so I set up this campaign because it was done for me when I had cancer, and I know how much it relieves anxiety about keeping up with even daily expenses when your world has been turned upside down.

I am honored to be able to help give back to a woman who has given so, so much to me over the years.  Thank you, so much,  for anything you are able to donate.  We will update this CaringBridge page with her progress to keep everyone informed.  

Thank you, truly, for any amount you are able to give.  We are so very grateful for your support.

- Ellie Schoenberger