Daniel Langley

First post: Feb 20, 2019 Latest post: Sep 23, 2019
On the evening of May 23, 2018 Daniel went to the ER due to recurring headaches.  After a CT scan the doctor came in and said the words no one ever wants to hear "you have a tumor".  Not only did he have a tumor there were two in his brain and we were transferred to NHRMC main campus.  We spent the next several days in the hospital meeting with different physicians and getting a plan together.  We were told that Daniel needed to have surgery to remove one of the tumors (the larger one) and that was scheduled for May 29th.  Daniel was released and we spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends.  Surgery was a success and the tumor was completely removed and the tumor came back as a stage 4 gliosarcoma.  Now we started the next phase of the journey, 6 weeks of Chemo and Radiation to help fight the remaining tumor.  We also reached out to Duke to look for alternatives and explore all our options.  We continued Chemo through the last several months and in Jan we were told that another tumor has grown.  We are now assessing our options to combat this new challenge we have been given.

We will post updates as we can.

Thanks for all the love and support we have received over the last 9 months, you will all never know what that has meant to us.

Daniel, Jen and Tyler