Dan Ball

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Hello all.  Thank you for visiting my  page.  it gives me a great amount of joy to see the visitors to this site.  Let me tell you all a bit about me.  I was born in LA California in 1961, yep puts in the realm of old, but not antient YET.  My life was pretty interesting if you think about it.  I have two older brother and had 1 younger sister.  My two brothers were born an Illinois, and Michigan.  I was born in Cali, and my sister was born in Colorado.  So, that alone makes for interesting life story. . 
  Now about how I got here.  I was having some bloating in my abdomen, thought it was gas mingle with constipation, didn't much think about it for a few weeks, until the pain was just to much.  Finally listened to the great wisdom of my beautiful wife and went to the emergency room.  (Men can be so stubborn)  There they said it was fluid in my abdomen.  They said it was a liver issue since it looked kinda funny in x-ray's.   So they did a drain, where they took off 10.5 liters (that would be a 22 lb drop in weight - an extreme weight lose program aye?)  After some treatment we were sent home.  It was a couple of days later the doctor called and wanted us to come back, they had found a couple of cancer cells in the fluid.  Thus began our journey.  they sent us to a sister hospital to perform some more tests to verify Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  Getting this kind of news changes everything in your thought process.  Being a Christian helps with everything..  I don't fear the end of this journey, how ever long it is.  We don't know, even with the trial therapy I am on, how long I have on this earth, but the comfort of the knowledge that My GOD has made a place for me in heaven.  I believe there is life after death, and this comfort takes away the fear of what may happen in 2 months, 6 months or 9 years.  Having Jesus Christ in my life as my savior is the greatest person to have beside you.  He said he would never leave me nor forsake me,  this promise tells me he is a whisper away.  I hope to share him with you all in further messages. 4 individuals That are my greatest support comfort and joy. 1st - GOD the Father     2nd - Jesus Christ    3rd - The Holy Ghost     4th - My lovely and very beautiful Wife Patti.  So read on and enjoy.  I will try to make my entries light hearted.  Thank you for all your love and support, and most of all your prayers.  I covet them as if they were great treasures of gems.  PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THIS SITE - IT GOES TO SITE AND NOT TO US!  Please leave us encouraging messages instead of donating, Thank you..