Dale Turner

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My name is Dale Turner and I'm originally from England moving here in 2001 with my wife Lorraine.
In February of last year, after a few years of slowly finding myself getting more and more out of breath I finally decided to visit a pulmonologist to see what exactly was going on (thinking it was going to be something simple and easily fixed) Surely it couldn't be anything serious I don't do illness I don't have time 😀
I sat in the doctors office waiting to be seen and the doctor came in and told me that my oxygen levels were so low that she wanted to put me on oxygen straight away until she figured out what was going on. 
After some discussion it was decided to get a lot of testing done and with my permission have me admitted through the emergency department at the local hospital.
I called Lorraine and the explained what was going on and to meet me at the hospital. After two days of testing I couldn't wait to get out of there, and I began to dread the nurse or doctor coming in to the room as it not only meant being prodded and poked and stuck with a needle but it also meant my wristband being scanned and another few hundred dollars being added to my bill.
Eventually the main Doctor came in to speak to me and it was a good job that I was lay down in bed as the news he gave me was the biggest shock of my life.
It turns out that a combination of life events and also a very rare genetic disorder meant that I had Chronic Emphysema and I was being advised to explore the option of a Double Lung Transplant if I wanted to have any sort of quality of life and possibly even live more than a couple of years.