Dale Martin Dale Martin Thymus cancer

First post: Sep 24, 2017 Latest post: Nov 11, 2018
I went into hospital with chest pains. They found several tumors, one pressing on the heart which caused the chest pain and the others are in my lungs. Results from a biopsy revealed an incredibly rare (less than 1%) cancer called Thymic Carcinoma. The thymus is a gland that helps the immune system in adolescence and is not supposed to do much in adults. I will start with a Chemo therapy regiment followed, we hope, by a clinical study in Indianapolis. We expect to reduce the size of the tumors. The prognosis with just chemo is not good, with life expectancy of a few years. Since it’s so rare, there is not much information on other treatments like immuno-therapy. Hopefully, these various treatment options will produce great results. Luckily, it's always been in the hands of Jesus.

I’m feeling well so far and the chest pain has subsided to a dull muscle ache. I have been spending a lot of time with my family (Betsy, Kelsey and Andy). Most important, my faith in Jesus keeps me in high spirits with an expectant outlook as He cares for me and those around me. I am certain of an eternity basking in His glory. As you might imagine, I take additional pleasure is everything and everyone around me and that in itself has been priceless. So my request from you is to pray for miraculous healing and for my family to stay encouraged and hopeful in the Lord.