Dale Edwards Dale Edwards' Journey

First post: Oct 23, 2018 Latest post: Jul 12, 2019
Most people hardly remember Dale when he DIDN'T have ankle issues!  From Jr. High basketball days to the present, there has always been something going on with his ankle.  (Even a break just 2 weeks before one of our sons was born--playing church basketball!)  About 15 years ago it was recommended that he have his ankle joint replaced.  It was not a success.  That began a journey of pain and more surgeries that have continued to this day.  Finally, in October of 2016, an orthopedic surgeon here at Mayo Clinic recommended that it was time to just remove the ankle joint completely.  He then packed the space with bone from Dale's hip, cadaver bone, and bone marrow in the hopes that new bone would grow that could then be fused.  Sadly, no new bone grew.  Having dealt with chronic pain and reduced mobility for almost 20 years, Dale has  made the ultimate decision to have his leg amputated below the knee.  Surgery is scheduled for November 9--just 3 weeks away.  This was a gut-wrenching decision and one that was not made lightly.  Would you pray for Dale in the next three weeks in 2 specific ways?  One--that he would have courage.  This is a scary thing!  And two--that he would have peace--the peace that only God can give.  We appreciate so much the love of our friends and family.  He has lots of appointments over the next three weeks to get ready for this.  We'll keep you updated!