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First post: Jan 18, 2022

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I have been out of pocket for awhile and am writing here, to catch my praying friends up! June 23rd I twisted and broke my ankle which turned out to be a divine intervention months later! I was put on a knee rollator when I fell with my crutches hurting my back and hip. 

On 22nd of July I suddenly was unable to breathe. I had never had to use my “rescue inhaler” and did not have one in my larger purse, rushing to my car on my broken ankle praying I had one in my glove. Compartment or my smaller purse; finding one thee and it helped my breathing shortly! Told all o my doctors thus it was perceived to be my asthma!

I have had shortness of breath and some small chest pains for years and all was attributed to asthma at the time! Then moving to Thursday, August 6th at 3:30 am in the morning, I awoke to the same wheezing I experienced 17 days earlier and had now several rescue inhalers.  After 6 puffs of the rescue, two puffs of my 2nd inhaler, and still unable to breathe; I hit Siri on my phone whispering urgent care showing one that was open, 10 minutes away! I could not talk, thus ran on my broken ankle to car parked at side door, drove 95 miles an hour thru red lights; praying no police officers saw me and I made it in five minutes thus now running into the urgent care facility where the nurses, thought I was a 3:30 am drunk in a panic, whispering over and over, “I can not breath!”  By the time they FINALLY took me back I had Congestive ♥️ and Kidney Failure!  I can not describe what my body was going through, it was horrible!

My grandson was celebrating his Court of Honors that we had decorated for that Thursday morning, and I am taken now by ambulance to the Critical Care Ward at Pineville Hospital Friday evening, where I stayed for six days! I have missed many important events that saddens my heart, and many of you know I had 3 heart defects found 10 years ago almost to the day, and had open heart surgery and a cow valve was used to replace my main defective aorta valve, but it had a small leak that they have been “watching” the last 10 plus years. 
All that to say, my valve was so compromised with the heart failure that I will be undergoing another open ♥️ surgery that now has a very high 13 % risk factor! I would have only had a few more years to live out if I chose not to have the surgery, but I think my time would have been much less. The Lasix medicines are working hard to keep all fluids off of my heart and out of my lungs!

A lot of answered prayers and many doors have been opened up in preparation for this repeated surgery.  Please lift me up and my heart surgeon, Dr. Vargo the morning of January 28th! He specializes in complicated valve and heart issues! I have repeated tests all day on the 
January 27th!  To each of my friends, you must know how much 
“I LOVE EACH OF YOU” and I was trying to get to many of you with a small gift, but am in total isolation for obvious reasons at this time! My daughter, and son will notify everyone with updates as they are able through Face Book or CaringBridge.

I can not express adequately of God’s divine faithfulness to me through these last months but really my entire LIFE!  I truly love Him with all of my ♥️ and He is the best friend anyone could ever TRUST IN! Please again keep me in your prayers from now until my surgery and may His Blessings follow you and your families! 

All Of My Heartfelt Love and Prayers Always ... Cynthia
             “Mom, Gammie and or GiGi”
PSALM 116 (KJV) 
  My Testimony

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