Cynthia Dawn George (Helton) Cynthia George

First post: Aug 31, 2022 Latest post: Sep 18, 2022

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The problem at hand started on December 13, 2019. Cyndi started having trouble breathing, and it got so bad she had to be taken to the ER, where they treated her for pneumonia and sent her home. That did not work.

On December 23rd she was back in the ER. That time they decided to keep her. We were told she had pneumonia, fluid in her lungs and around her heart. There was also an infection in her heart. Her heart was pumping at 20 percent of its normal capacity. She had to be kept there for eight days to clear up the fluid and infection. We were told she has Congestive Heart Failure and needed rehab. Rehab worked for a while, but the next year she was back at the ER with pneumonia again. She was sent home with medication and a water pill, which did correct this for a time.

That brings us up to this past year. On November 11, 2021, Cyndi woke up and didn't know where she was, who she was, or even what day it was. As I wasn't feeling well myself, our dear friend Mary Hollingsworth was kind enough to take her to Medical City North Hills in North Richland Hills, Texas, where they would spend from morning until late that night when I (Jeff, her husband) got there, and they had just put her in a room. They ran every test they could, and the next morning she started regaining her thoughts. She'd had a Diabetic Episode, and for lack of better words, "she lost herself." She was admitted to the hospital for four days with a glucose level of over 800. Then they sent her home with insulin, and she did pretty well on that front for a time.

On January 31, 2022, I had taken a job out of town to try and make a little more money when I got the call. Cyndi had passed out in the shower and woke up with a dislocated right shoulder, a broken tooth, and a face that required stitches. It had taken her three hours to get out of the tub and reach her phone to call 911. Of course, that ended my working out of town.

The next ER visit was on July 24. 2022. Again, she was not breathing well. They gave her meds in the ER but no meds to take at home. So she ended up going back to the ER on August 4, 2022, where they kept her for ten days (before dismissing her permanently because we had lost our insurance). That time, on top of the pneumonia problems, they found she had a large gallstone and needed her gallbladder out, but they couldn't do surgery because her heart was too weak. The new cardiologist wanted to try and fix the problem with medication, just as the first cardiologist had done unsuccessfully. By then we were told a pacemaker is not the answer.

It seems every doctor has a different idea on how to deal with this, but in almost three years nothing has changed, and a few days later we were back in the ER again. This time we went to John Peter Smith Hospital (JPS) and basically started all over again. Cyndi has had two more ER visits and been to four doctors' appointments already and still has seven more appointments in the next thirty days. Because she is currently unable to drive, I need to take her across town to all of her appointments, lab work, pharmacies et al. She is still unstable at this point between the heart failure, gallbladder that is causing her severe pain, diabetes, and a recently discovered tumor in her abdomen.

Adding to this major stress, we both are unable to work until she is stable. All our bills are due and we will have to be out of our house by October 1st unless I can find a way to raise the rent money and catch up on some bills. We have no credit cards, no loans, no cable or satellite TV, no Internet other than what we get on our phones. We don't even own a computer. My two trucks are paid for and we have minimaI-coverage insurance. Still, with neither of us able to work for a couple of months, we haven't gotten really far behind very fast.

This last month we had some help from a local church that saved us for the month, or we would be out on the street already, but bills don't stop. I hate having to ask for help. I've made it 59 years without a handout, but the cost of everything has gone up faster than my income can. I will go back to working two jobs as soon as she is stable. I hate not working, but Cyndi is my every reason for living. I will do whatever I have to to help her get well. I'm in the process of selling anything I can to save our home, because if we lose it, we have no place to go, and we don't have what it would take to move. We just hope the doctors will soon find an end to this madness and get Cyndi back on the road to recovery before things get any worse, and I know all too well that it may become much worse.

Your support, prayers, and encouraging words are so valuable to us, and we are grateful for your friendship.