Curt Rawn

First post: Sep 26, 2021 Latest post: Jan 5, 2022
Curt's many friends have been reaching out via text, phone and Facebook. We thought it would be helpful to create a Caring Bridge to help keep his friends/family informed of his progress. This is Curt's message: 
At the end of July, I thought my shortness of breath was due to Canadian forest fires. Nope, a chest x-ray revealed otherwise. Water in the chest area was crowding out the space my left lung used to use. Plus, there was a mass in there and something in the other lung, too.This is lung cancer, and it was not caught early. After winter birding in Texas, I lost 5 lbs., was that my first sign? Non-small cell lung cancer had been there for a while. I just spent nine days in the hospital and underwent 3 surgeries to help me breathe easier. It seems to be working. If you can't breathe easily, you can't sleep, and without sleep, well, you know about that. Get me healthy for chemo! Chemotherapy and immunotherapy start on Sept 23rd, 4 courses, 21 days apart.How am I doing? I'm doing fine till someone asks "How are you doing?" Please, don't ask that. Really, the only appropriate response is "that sucks!" Say it now.I know they are doing wonderful things in medicine, I'm counting on that. I aim to see Alaska in June, and Europe after that.Oh, and no stories about you uncle's brother's cousin's plumber's miracle cure. Thank you, I'll get through this.