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Welcome family, friends and prayer warriors. By finding your way here, you’ve joined us in supporting and loving on Crystal as she battles stage 3 breast cancer, dx’d in December of 2020.
Crystal is currently in treatment, and reading and writing are so fatiguing, she’s asked me, sister Sheryl, to help her to keep connected to everyone she loves. She is remaining so positive, like the rockstar she is!

I came out prior to Crystal’s chemo treatments to help her get “ready” for what was to come. I wanted to be here from the beginning, which was a challenge during Covid. But with lots of sequestering and testing, I’ve been able to help establish Crystal’s “care routines” to set her up for success through treatment.

I will do everything in my power to advocate for her throughout treatment and after. I will post updates, share your comments with her and reply back when possible.

Let’s back up in “Crystal’s Cancer Chronicle”. Crystal has been monitoring her breast health, and pursuing all avenues that might give an early indication of cancer her entire life. Our Dad died of cancer when she was about 7 years old. This prompted her to devote much of her philanthropic life to efforts to one day eradicate cancer.

Unfortunately, in her own case, her diligent efforts were thwarted by a missed diagnosis 18 months prior. More now, from Crystal.

Hi and welcome! Because, what is life without drama? Lol, my journey to here started with a misfiling of my breast MRI diagnosis results back in June 2019 by my PCP. They were filed under a different woman’s test results. Because of this, I was told that there was nothing significant or important seen on the MRI. Then, after many (and I mean MANY) requests that the portal be updated, it finally was on October 2019. A link to the words, “ breast MRI” finally appeared in the portal. However the link led to another woman’s cholesterol test results. 91 years old, Lorraine Chandler. I didn’t notice it at first thinking they were mine, but still no breast MRI appeared in my portal. This is not the kind of drama I enjoy!

I kept a log of all requests and all activities which are detailed by date below. Short story is that nothing would be logged correctly in my records or discovered as urgent for 18 months after my mammogram, all leading up to my December 2020 diagnosis and surgery.

Unfortunately, with the mismanagement, what I know for certain, is that had my PCP informed me of the breast lump in June 2019, when she was first notified by the MRI radiologist that I needed to have a sonogram, 18 months before it had doubled in size and spread into my lymph nodes, I would not now be requiring eight rounds of the most deadly chemotherapy cocktail treatment, the many rounds of radiation, the hormone therapy I will need for the rest of my life, the 12 rounds of physical therapy after surgery (which removed 21 lymph nodes from my armpit area) as well as the the lymphedema treatments for the arm swelling I will struggle with for the rest of my life, etc. etc.

This has been a devastating journey and just a daunting emotional strain to think of all the ‘if only’s’. But I am remaining positive and I’m focused on my healing and the task at hand, which is to move forward and become cancer free!

There is a super scientific explanation of the diagnosis below and pictures and posts with more info.

Thanks for being ‘Team Crystal’! I love you all!! ❤️

**UPDATE: To assist Crystal with items not covered by insurance but very helpful for her healing and treatment, please use the GoFundMe link that can be accessed on the Ways To Help page (click icon at top of this page) or use this link: (  The site was lovingly created by Crystals dear friend Vanessa and hosted by sister Sheryl.

Please note: Donations made to CaringBridge itself are for the non-profit that provides this service, Crystal does not receive any part of that donation. Please only gift her if you are moved to do so. She is tremendously grateful for the love and prayers!!!

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