Cristina Osorio Hernández

Hello family and friends, i made this website to share with you every information they give me about my cancer, ways of helping me and my family and support.
This is my story:
It started with a little ball I felt on my left breast, I thought it was nothing until I felt it grew, and it started to hurt. Everything happened so fast because it started as a small mass that I thought it was nothing, to it being diagnosed with breast cancer.
On Thursday September 8th I went in to have 3 biopsies, and they told me I’ll have the results soon in 3-5 business days, but the next day I received the results in the app MyChart. I saw sole words and I google them and it said I had cancer so I started to call the hospital and they told me that my doctor will be calling me soon to explain. It was 6:30 pm Friday September 9th when the doctor called me, I was grocery shopping and she told me she’ll call me in 30 minutes if I could go to some place private. We payed and went in the car, then she called me and told me the sad news, “you have breast cancer” that’s what she told me, I was in shock, many emotions and I started crying. I told my family and some close friends, I was sad. She said that a specialist will contact me to see what’s next. We waited the weekend anxiously and on Monday September 12th I was contacted and arranged an appointment For Wednesday September 14th. In that appointment my doctor told me about my cancer and what’s next, he told me about chemotherapy and everything that I’ll be doing. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be exhausting, but I won’t give up. I have to stay strong for my family and specially my 2 kids, they’re little and i want to see them grow old, I’m doing this for my husband too, he’s been so supportive, he’s been keeping me positive and he’s been there for me. Thank you to everyone that’s going to be there for me through all this.