Crissy Walton Carrying Crissy

First post: May 18, 2021 Latest post: Mar 19, 2022
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So...I wrote this story earlier and when I posted on Facebook it deleted somehow....I am choosing to believe it was not the story God wanted to be told. 
The ugly of it...I have cancer. Breast cancer. Early and treatable, but aggressive. That word -aggressive-it sounds scary-it can be daunting, BUT GOD.... I am sure the rest of the story will come out in days to come. There have been many things happen this year medically for me/to me but that is not the story for now. BUT GOD... This is my story! Because of Jesus, because of God, because of the Holy Spirit... I have Hope. I have Faith. I believe and I trust! I know healing will come. 
There is a story in the Bible: 4 men carried their friend to Jesus for healing and it says “when Jesus saw their faith” he healed the man. Please carry me to Jesus. There will be days when I know I will need your faith to get me through, to get me  to the healer, to draw me out of the darkness and point me back to Him. Know that I am grateful for your prayers-it is the best thing you can do for me. BUT GOD...always means great things are coming!!!