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Craig Bennett Craig Bennett

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Mr. Rogers says: When I asked for your prayers, I did not mean to be vague about the need. I solicit your prayers for guidance from above and all the decisions that need be made all the time. It's not a direct quote, but it explains our need.

Craig is not looking for healing, he wants strength, he wants God's will because God made him this way for a reason and he wants to know what that reason is. He says he will never get the answer if everyone keeps praying their wishes and not God's.

As most of you know, Craig has asthma, ataxia telangiectasia, cerebral palsy, dysarthria, dystonia, strokes and epilepsy, along with a few other issues we won't bore or confuse you with.

We thought he might be almost finished with seizure activity now that he is 21 years old, but we were wrong. Craig is enjoying college life, but is still burdened with being the entertainment for his aides when he has a seizure. I think they wouldn't laugh if we suggested grabbing a bowl of popcorn and a soft drink, but sometimes one simply has to sit back and enjoy the show until he is done seizing.

Craig is a brilliant young man in a broken body with high hopes of shining bright in this world in years to come!  America, look out!