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To all those who want to be updated on my journey here is a way to stay in the loop. It’s also a way for me to not worry about forgetting to text someone or call someone back. So let me catch you up to where we are now…

Feb 10 I went for my routine yearly MRI. I was excited to start my 10th year cancer free. They took me off the med I take for 10 years after chemo and a weekly bone med I took as a result of what the first med does to your bones. I got my results and they needed to see more so they ordered a second MRI .

Feb 18th. This second mri showed a mass on my right rib so they decided to order a needle biopsy!

March 1 i met with a breast surgeon and she explained that there is no way they can get to the mass (which I now refer to as Donald) through the breast due to my implant blocking the ability to safely access the mass. So I was referred to thoracic surgeon ! Ok all caught up
Here we go ….