Courtney Rosenthal Courtney’s HSCT Journey

First post: Jan 31, 2021 Latest post: Feb 28, 2021
Welcome to my Caring Bridge Site.
1. Follow my journey in Mexico as I get my
stem cell transplant to hopefully halt my MS. I’m going to be brave and you all better keep rooting for me. I love you guys!

2. (and the real reason for this site!) We’re going to document 🧸Beary’s journey away from home for his 1st time ever!! If you don’t know his backstory Beary is Ellie’s favorite magical bear that she’s parting with and letting me borrow so he can give me all the comfort and love she’d give me if she could be with me. Beary is my little portable piece of my baby girl. I get the amazing privilege to squeeze and hug him tight when things get bad, and his magical powers will bring me comfort. I told Ellie I would document his journey. So expect lots of random photos of a loved stuffed bear 🧸