Cory Franklin

First post: Oct 4, 2020 Latest post: May 30, 2021
Welcome to my Caring Bridge page! I am 28 years old and  was diagnosed with an extremely rare ( 1 in several million) and fatal disease where my body is being overwhelmed by crystals called oxalates. The oxalates have caused my kidneys to fail where I need daily dialysis to stay alive. My kidney failure has also caused papilledema, a serious condition where there is increased pressure inside the skull which can cause brain blindness brain damage and death as well as problems with my vascular system resulting in severe anemia, blood clots and high blood pressure and heart damage. I also developed restless leg syndrome where my legs move on their own and sleeping is very hard. 

                  Prior to my medical condition I lived a fulfilling life dedicating much of my time to health and fitness. I learned how to cook by using a blend of science and mentoring from James Beard winning chefs. I was also a powerlifter and able to squat and deadlift triple my body weight. outside of health and fitness I was also an aspiring professional singer who was being mentored by a Grammy nominated artist. I'm also huge reader though I largely read for knowledge as opposed to entertainment. I've learned a lot from those experiences and they have made me a potent vessel to distill subjective truths. I hope that my medical condition as I experience it in real time can provide insight into other peoples lives and good food too!