Corrine Townsend

First post: Jun 19, 2020 Latest post: Mar 23, 2021

Welcome to the CaringBridge website for Corrine Townsend.  We are so moved by the amount of people who care so much for Corrine and her family and are praying for her daily. We hope this website will provide everyone a place to find up to date information on Corrine’s status.  We also appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement and hope this site will be a home for those messages so that Corrine and her family can read through them and see the sheer magnitude of love wrapped around them. 

For those who do not know Corrine personally.  She is a wife and a mother to two young boys, one who is 2 years old and one who is 10 months old. In the beginning of June, Corrine noticed she was not feeling well.  When she went to the doctor, she was sent immediately to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with Covid-19 and Pneumonia.  On June 10, 2020 she was admitted to Henrico Doctors Hospital. Shortly after, she was moved to the ICU. Corrine was treated with a number of the latest medications but she continued to struggle with fighting the virus. On June 18, 2020, Corrine was put on a ventilator.  Since we know that fighting this virus is a journey, not a sprint, we will be using this site to share updates as they come.  Please keep Corrine, Hayden, their two boys, and Corrine’s team of medical care providers in your prayers.

When Corrine first chose to share her story publicly, she wrote the post below.  At the time this website was created, the post had over 6,000 shares.  There is no one better equipped to illustrate the reality of this illness than Corrine herself. We hope her message will serve as a reminder to us all that this virus is real and does not discriminate.

When your 30....

When your 30 you feel invincible. Your days are filled with a fulfilling career. Mine personally are filled with motherhood giggles. They are early morning , Mama, Can I watch Moana? And evening bedtime stories and 1,000 ways to not go to sleep. It is watching my babies grow, discover and see the world through their eyes. Then Covid hit.

When it hit I promised myself I’d be strong. I would give you extra hugs and kisses. I wouldn’t let you feel less love because we had to stay away from everyone. We followed all the rules. I bought mask, scouted out hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes to keep us safe. But guess what? It didn’t .

I am 30. I have never smoked a day in my life(not even once), I do not have asthma or any other health conditions. As the news talked of the danger zones and high risk people I felt safe. That wasn’t me, I was safe. I wear my mask, take all precaution,follow the rules and I’ll be fine. I’ll play by the rules. I wasn’t .

At 30 years old, otherwise healthy, I sit in Henrico Doctors Hospital hooked up to a high flow breathing machine at 100% oxygen. I’ve had every medicine known to man, more blood draws that I can count and don’t ask about my two shots in the tummy everyday. My body is weak. I don’t want to eat. I can’t sleep from how sick I feel and how loud it is. You almost start to fall in zombie mode. Not sure what’s real. I thought I was in the safe zone. I thought I was healthy, I would be exempt from this Covid 19 fear. I wasn’t.

I miss my boys. I miss feeling the sunshine on my skin. I miss hearing music. I miss being able to eat what I want or dance around the house to baby shark. All these things I so took for granted I want back. I miss picking the boys outfits out. Kissing them goodnight.

I know I have a long road ahead of me. A scary one at that. My doctors say my lungs are covered in infection, but I have to be strong. For my husband, for my boys and for my friends.

I am 30. This is REAL. Stop acting like this is fake news.