Cori Ghaffari

First post: Jun 20, 2022 Latest post: Oct 31, 2022

This is the post I never EVER thought I’d write. I’ve joined other Caring Bridge posts to follow friends or family, and pray over them as they fight the big “C”. I always wondered why they would choose to put words to paper (or screen) as it felt so impersonal and so distant. Now I know: to share in ONE place all about the battle so others know how to support, pray, and help. I’m here to do just that…share what I am going through in one place.

I am not here to share my story in hope of helping others going through it. If it does, fantastic! But my goal is to just document my own story and have a place for others to connect with me.

Not gonna lie…I’m a TMI girl. I may overshare, so read what you want and log out when it gets to be too much. I’ll do my best to be current, but my focus is in getting out the big news, not creating a docu-drama.

I’ll share all the details in the next post, but feel it’s most important to take the advice I’ve been given so far: learn to ask for help and be OK receiving it! So here goes!

How to help me through this journey:

1. Sharing the details is hard. I don’t like rehashing it all over and over. I’ll post it here and am open to questions. I am not open to recounting the whole story in person or in check-ins. I prefer those to be positive and full of smiles and hopefully laughter!

2. I appreciate the expertise and knowledge so many of you have. You are all amazing and I know many share your stories in love. I have a fantastic network of survivors around me and a great medical team. While I appreciate the intent (in love), I have a hard time with unsolicited advice. If you really want to share it, please email it to me. I prefer not to talk about it in conversation. Thank you for understanding! :)

3. I don’t know where I need help yet. It’s early. I promise I will ask. If I don’t, you may OF COURSE continue to ask me what you can do to help. I’m not “holding it all in” or not accepting help, it’s just new and I don’t know what I need yet.

4. Except I do know that I need to laugh. I need to have fun. I need prayer, healing thoughts, and good vibes! You can share how you are sending those in any manner you choose. As a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer. I also know I serve an amazing God who has already shown me His Power in the midst of this (more later). But I also believe in everyone’s own personal heart and energy and all good vibes are accepted and appreciated! THAT, more than anything else will bolster my spirits and fuel my tank for the fight ahead!

I love and appreciate you all! I already have peace in my heart that a year from now, this will be gone and I’ll be back to full strength. But for now, I’ll admit I’m not looking forward to the journey ahead. We will fight and  kick cancer’s butt with you all…my amazing support network!

Thanks for starting this journey with me!