Corbin Pugh

First post: Jan 20, 2022 Latest post: Dec 10, 2023

Hello friends and family!  We will use this site to keep everyone updated as Corbin undergoes a hospital stay and 2 brain surgeries.  Here's the relatively short story of how we got to this point.

Corbin has intractable epilepsy, which means that he still has seizures despite multiple medications.  He has tried a long list of meds, special diets, alternative treatments, and has two devices (a VNS and an RNS).  Unfortunately, he still has seizures almost every day.  Most of his seizures cause him to fall if he is standing, and he also experiences incontinence during seizures (Corbin is very open about this).  He doesn't have any warning that a seizure is about to happen, so it is very dangerous for him to stand up and walk around unless someone is within arms reach to catch him if he starts to fall.  He is unable to work and spends most of his time on a couch because it's so dangerous to stand.  Despite all of these limitations, he has a great attitude full of infectious joy!  He also has a couch companion, our pug/frenchie mix Josephine (Jojo), who is obsessed with him and might be just a little bit spoiled.

In May 2021, Corbin and I (his wife, Shannon) decided that we were ready to pursue resection surgery.  Resection is one of the oldest surgical treatments for epilepsy, although obviously advancements in technology and medicine have made it significantly safer and more effective over time.  In the most basic terms, resection is removing the area of the brain (as small of an area as possible) where the seizures are originating.  That's called a focal point.  Obviously there are risks, and we were hoping to avoid this option.  But at this point, to be honest, his daily life is probably more risky than the surgery.  So we are moving ahead. 

I will explain more in the first entry about this process... it's a complicated one.  But his neurologist and neurosurgeon are hopeful and so are we!  We believe God has led us to this point and we know He has good plans for us.  We would love for those plans to include freedom from seizures, but we are 100% sure of the fact that we will have abundant life regardless, because He promises that. 

Thank you for your prayers and support as we go on this journey!