Copper Resnik

First post: Jan 18, 2018 Latest post: May 5, 2018
Welcome to Copper's CaringBridge site. On this site, you will be able to get updates about Copper's health and also to see ways in which you can help. Please note that these will change over time so feel free to visit the site regularly to know what is needed at different points in time. 

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Here it's what Copper shared on social media on January 1st  about what is happening with her health:
"I have been waiting to gather all the information to be able to update everyone so as not to give piecemeal information. Many of you know that I had a growth in my colon detected and that an initial Biopsy showed it to be benign. They did a second biopsy and round of tests, some still ongoing and have now determined that I do indeed have colorectal cancer Stage 4 which has metastasized to my liver with a number of lesions and necrotic tissue. If we just look at percentages and long-term outcomes, the picture is not optimistic.


I have met with an oncologist who is the director of the cancer treatment center at HCMC and very open to alternative treatments combined with allopathic medicine. I also have met with my primary Integrative Health doctor who happens to have done a great deal of research into non allopathic treatment and supportive treatment of other treatment. I am in the process of deciding what treatments I will do which will probably be a combination of chemo and nutritional and supplemental transformation. My blood work is all looking great except for slightly elevated liver enzymes. Given this, my primary holds out strong belief in my being extraordinary and beating the odds.


First I want to say, I am not telling anyone else how to think of or how to approach cancer for themselves or others they love. And, the messages I have been getting for me are very clear. I choose not to participate in the "Fuck Cancer" approach. I am not angry at the cancer its self. For me, cancer in general is a message and a natural consequence of the way humans and particularly large companies have poisoned the non-human beings we share this earth and are interdependent with. The cancer is growth out of control, a mirror for the human species. Those of us with cancer are not in this state only because we ate the wrong food or didn't exercise enough or thought the wrong thoughts.

We are the canaries in the coal mine, shouting out the warning to those who continue to pollute our food, water and air. (the issues around race, poverty and class and increased impact of these pollutants will be another long ranty essay I am sure).

I AM inviting people to work with the intention and sigil posted in the comments to support me returning to full health. I am asking for my cancer cells to hear that I have the message and will pass it on and that I need my cells to return to their best functioning to be able to do that. I am hoping that the sigil ends up on candles, on altars, in spellworkings and rituals across the continents. (see photo section for a picture of the sigil)

I have felt so many people's love and concern over the last month and am humbled and grateful for my beloved communities and family.

Love and healing to us all