Connie Murray

On August 27th Connie received the news no one ever wants to hear. You have cancer. She has stage 3 colon cancer and her fight has begun! On September 6th she went I. To out patient surgery to have her port put in. On September 13th she had her first chemo treatment, that took about 7 hrs. She goes every Monday to get lab work to make sure sure her body can take that weeks treatment. On Wednesday, September 19th she received a chemo treatment that took about 3 hours. On Wednesday September 26th she received a 6 hour treatment. These treatments are hard on her body and the tumor in her colon causes her extreme pain. She does a lot of laying down, because that is where she is in the least amount of pain. We got the news on Friday, September 28th that she needs to go see the radiation doctor, so we have an appointment on Thursday, October 4th to see what plan that doctor has for her.  We will do our best to keep Everyone updated. We are so blessed to have an amazing support system. And we are forever grateful to everyone.