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First post: Jul 30, 2020 Latest post: Jun 15, 2021
Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting to hear updates about how I'm doing!

The quick version starts when I had some fainting spells in December. A test in December found that I have transplant coronary artery disease which was the exact diagnosis that caused me to need a second transplant. In January, a defibrillator was implanted to protect my heart in case of a cardiac episode. In March, I started having breathing problems that woke me up at night and made me feel like I couldn't breathe when laying down. During my latest hospital stay, the word "retransplant" was brought up multiple times and it became clear we are getting closer and closer to a third transplant. After talking with my team, we are looking at getting relisted in the next few months, pending some tests.

While the timeline for another transplant is uncertain, it is likely I will end up in the hospital a few more times before I end up on the list. We will update here with news on each hospitalization and, eventually, news surrounding getting listed for a new heart.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your kind words and wishes! If you want to help, please talk to your family about your wishes for organ donation and help register more donors to save lives like mine!

Colleen and the Gleason Family