Cole Baumann

First post: Jun 16, 2018 Latest post: Jun 28, 2018
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Last Saturday Cole went to the ER with sever stomach pain.  He was seen after lab work and a CT he was released.  Early Sunday Cole started vomiting along with still having sever stomach pain.  Nicole took Cole to the ER again Sunday morning.  At that time he was given fluids, anti-nausea medicine, pain meds and had another CT.  About 7 hours later he was sent back home.   The vomiting and pain continued thru Sunday night and Monday morning.  After consulting with Cole's regular doctor he was advised to go back to the ER for a 3rd time, which he did.  At the ER he was evaluated, had yet another CT and then transferred to Mankato hospital. He arrived in Mankato Monday evening. While in Mankato he had a bunch of tests and pushed fluids. 

 Tuesday the doctors  noticed that his kidneys were not working correctly so they ordered another CT scan.  After that CT is when the doctors found that Cole had a blood clot by his liver blocking blood flow to his intestine.  Cole then needed surgery to see what was going on in his belly.  During surgery is when they noticed the ischemic bowel and so they removed approximately 3 feet of his intestine.   They did not close him up completely after that surgery but instead applied a wound  vac to remove the extra fluid that had accumulated in his abdomen.

Wednesday was Carley's 17th Birthday!  Cole was pretty much stable all day. He was kept comfortable and slept most of the day.

Thursday morning he was awake and when we walked in the door he waved at us. He had a really good day until after surgery.  Around noon he went into surgery to close his incision.  Surgery went exceptionally well.  While the doctor was filling us in on how the surgery went Cole's vitals crashed.  The doc was called back to work on Cole.  They had to reopen his incision.  They struggled to stabilize him for quite a while.  Mankato called in a special cardiovascular team from Mayo Rochester as they thought Cole might need to be put on ECMO.  In addition a chest x-ray showed his right lung collapsed.  After several hours Cole was stable enough to be transferred via helicopter to Rochester.  The rest of the night was fairly uneventful.