Cody Mark

We have decided to start this page to be able to provide updates on Cody's condition in one place for friends and family!   Cody was admitted to the hospital on April 28th with difficultly breathing and low O2 sats, due to COVID. He immediately had to be sent to the ICU. Unfortunately there were no ICU beds available at our local hospitals and he was taken via lifeflight to a hospital about an hour from home. He fought hard to improve his oxygen saturation over the next few days but ultimately had to be intubated on the evening of May 3rd.  Immediately following this procedure his oxygen levels and blood pressure dropped to critically low levels. It was determined he qualified for ECMO, a treatment that oxygenates his blood outside his body to allow his lungs to heal. This treatment is only provided at one hospital in Oregon so they sent a team down to the hospital he was at to set him up and get him stable to transport him to OHSU. Once stable he was flown to OHSU and has since undergone several more procedures to help stabilize his system. He has an incredibly long process in front of him, likely at least a month in the ICU here, followed by many more months of healing and recovery. Cody has already fought through so many complications, twists and turns through this process and is continuing to surprise us with the progress he is making. This process will inevitably leave a pile of medical bills when he comes out of the hospital. We are asking for as many prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes that you can send his way. If you are able to financially contribute to help ease the burden on him and his family it would be so deeply appreciated but not at all a requirement.  We will likely update the goal value along the way as things change and progress.   From his fiancé and family we cannot express our deepest gratitude and thanks for all the support we have already received for Cody and his family.