Tim Jensen

First post: Jan 17, 2019 Latest post: Feb 19, 2019
On Monday, January 14th, Tim Jensen collapsed at work. His coworkers rushed him to the hospital in St. Cloud where it was determined that Tim had a stroke. Upon emergency surgery, the doctors discovered that Tim’s brain was pooling with a mixture of blood and cerebral spinal fluid. A brain surgeon was called in to place two “brain-drains” in Tim’s head that evening.

Since the drains were placed, Tim has been under one-to-one watch by medical professionals in the ICU at the St. Cloud Hospital. They have been running a series of tests and scans to try to determine the cause of his continuous brain bleed but have yet to find answers. At this time, Tim is projected to be in the ICU from 2-4 weeks, with a recovery period of 4-6 months after being discharged.