Claudia Hicks

First post: May 17, 2019 Latest post: Jan 17, 2020
Welcome! Here you can follow Claudia's health journey- which has been a wild ride for the last few months. Finally she has some answers! And while we still have questions, we know her family and friends want to stay up-to-date on her progress.
She (reluctantly) agreed to let us start this caringbridge site (as long as we don't share every tiny detail or make this "too sappy"). In true Claudia fashion, she doesn't want anyone to fuss over her-- she is always the one taking care of others. Being the patient isn't a role she plays easily. But in her own words: her "warranty is up" and now she needs to take care of herself more than ever. (And let others help too! 😆)

We will update this site as much as we can.
She has been tired between appointments and hasn't had much time for calls, but she appreciates your support and words of encouragement. Keep the prayers going!

Our motto is to take everything one day at a time. Smell the roses. Eat the dessert. 
Thanks for visiting & we'll be in touch!
♡ Team Gma