CJ Cluck CJs Ewing Sarcoma Battle.

First post: Jan 23, 2021 Latest post: Jun 15, 2021

On January 19th a biopsy confirmed a parents worst fear. CJ my sweet 7 year old little boy has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive tumor called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Update May 10th 2021: Metastatic spread to lungs and lymph nodes was confirmed at the end of April and will require radiation treatment and maybe more chemo past October.

His leg has been amputated below the knee on May 10th. He will need at least another 6 months of post surgical chemo followed by multiple radiation treatment sessions for his lungs. He might need long term chemo for his Lymph nodes.

He will get a temporary prosthetic leg in June. After chemo ends in October Shriners Hospital agreed to provide a permanent prosthetic leg and rehab. However this requires travel and lengthy stays at their hospitals possibly out of state. Hopefully we can go to the one here in Galveston Texas for his initial stay of 2-4 weeks of rehab and fitting and learning to use the prosthetic leg.

Funds raised will be spent on the medical and travel expenses incurred relating to CJ's treatment and May include comfort items for CJ during his prolonged hospitalizations as well as items for accessibility for the home and car.

Please visit GoFundMe.com/CJs-Battle or contact me directly for other ways to donate or help.