Matt Fisk C is for Creepin'

First post: Oct 1, 2018 Latest post: Oct 21, 2018

OK. Deep breath. For those of you who know us, and, well, you're here so clearly you do, you know that we're fairly private people. We don't talk about our problems much, we're stubborn about not asking for help,  and we usually muddle through difficulty by hiking up our bootstraps. But, maybe we shouldn't. Maybe we should extend our hand and say, "We're kind of going through a rough time right now" and allow things to develop organically from there. And folks, well, let's just say we're kind of going through a rough time right now.

Because cancer. The "c" word. Creepin' to the extreme. Cancer. 

This is a difficult story to tell. In fact, we've struggled for weeks simply over where to begin. But we've made our decision, so here goes nothing. If you're down, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and check out the journal entries.