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First post: Jan 12, 2020 Latest post: Jan 18, 2020
On Thursday 1/9/2020 Cindy was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital because she was having trouble and couldn’t breathe. Turned out she had fluid building up in her lungs due to her liver issues that she’s been dealing with for years now. On the 10th, after they drained some of the fluid, one of her lungs collapsed and the other was refilling with fluid; she was also diagnosed with pneumonia in her right lung that day. Saturday morning she was put on a breathing machine somewhat like a CPAP machine; later that night at around 9pm they put her on a ventilator because she was still having trouble breathing. They wanted to give her lungs a rest and let the antibiotics work on the pneumonia. After being put on those machines and medicines, her stats started coming up. Once she’s stable and the pneumonia is taken care of, she will be transferred to Charlotte, NC to the transplant center to receive a new liver which is the cause of all these issues.