Cindy Bradner

First post: Jan 7, 2021 Latest post: Feb 5, 2021
Almost six years ago, Cindy Bradner began her fight with lymphoma. After two rounds of chemo, she had no trace of cancer for four and a half years. In July of 2019, the cancer returned and she received a bone marrow transplant. Her 23 days in the hospital were incredibly difficult as she dealt with infections and severe memory issues. She returned home and scans showed no trace of cancer once again. In July of 2020 her lymphoma showed up once more. In October, she went through CAR T therapy, a new type of immunotherapy which involved re-engineering her T cells to seek out and destroy lymphoma. Going into this treatment, we were told that CAR T was the final possible defense against lymphoma. On New Year’s Eve, we learned that the treatment didn’t work as we had hoped, and lymphoma had continued to grow in her liver. At that point, she was given a couple of weeks or more, and she began hospice right away. She is at home where she is surrounded by her family that loves her so much.

Cindy is the strongest person any of us know. Instead of dwelling on the negative, she always says “it is what it is,” and moves forward. While this latest news has been devastating to her and everyone who loves her, she has chosen to live the rest of her life to the fullest, with the knowledge that God is in control.

The picture above is the Cindy that Brian fell in love with about 38 years ago.