Cindy and Seth Bossung

On February 1, 2021 Seth was touring the Opus hut with his favorite backcountry friends. An avalanche occurred and buried 4 members of the party. One member was recovered with minor injuries. Seth and two others are unaccounted for at this time.  Search and rescue has been called off due to increased avalanche activity. The search and rescue team is meeting tonight at 7:00 to make a plan for Wednesday.

For a full report on the avalanche please go to the CIAC site:

Cindy is strong and working through each minute. Her focus is on Fae and Lowa.  She is receiving so many wonderful messages and prayers from our amazing community, so please, leave those messages here so they can be digested in time. She is also cautious about COVID and would ask that visits are masked, short, and on the front porch. Please text before coming by to make sure it's a good time. Please know that close friends and family are by her side.

Under "ways to help" we will be setting up a meal train in soon.  We have also started a Go Fund Me at as another way to support this amazing family.  

PLEASE NOTE:  a "Tribute" on Caring Bridge is a donation to the Caring Bridge Site, not to the Bossungs. You can also donate to the family directly at any First Bank location.

We will be posting updates as soon as we receive them so please watch this page to communicate with the family.