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First post: Jun 2, 2018 Latest post: Aug 17, 2018
      My father, Chuck Tomlin, fell at my house in Long Island on January 21, 2018 resulting in a traumatic  brain injury, fractured neck and right arm.  He was taken via ambulance to Huntington hospital where he remained in critical condition for one month.   At that time, he was placed on a ventilator and gastric tube for lifesaving measures. He had also developed a very severe sacral decubitus  ulcer that required extensive wound care and later hindered his progress in therapy
       After a month at the hospital, he was transferred to Helen Hayes Rehabilitation  Hospital where he stayed for one month receiving acute care rehab . During his stay, he was taken off the respirator and began to breathe and eat on  his own.   Although he received physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, he made slow, but steady progress. 
      Following his stay at  Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital, he was transferred to Valley View Nursing  Center to their subacute rehab unit. He continued with all of his therapies, however, he failed to make any significant gains.  He required maximum assistance in all aspects of care. During his stay, he became septic from a gallbladder infection and was taken to Orange County Regional Medical Center.  Sadly, on the same day he was brought to the hospital, my mother, Wini Tomlin was also admitted to the same hospital for a stroke due to extreme stress and uncontrolled blood pressure .  As a result, she is left with residual weakness and numbness in her right arm and hand.  
     At present time, we are seeking long-term placement so that he can receive proper nursing care  and praying that it is in close proximity to their home so that my mother may visit.  We are also researching places to possibly relocate my mother so that she may be provided with any assistance that she may require.  I ask that anybody reading his/their story that you please pray for both him and my mother. This is been a long, arduous  and heartbreaking journey for our family.  I will update in the journal in regards to both of their progress . Thank you, Danielle