Chuck McDaniel WE GOT A LIVER!

First post: Oct 1, 2019 Latest post: Dec 31, 2019

Chuck and I want to Thank you for visiting his CaringBridge page.  We have set this page up to share updates on Chuck’s transplant journey, surgery and recovery.  

As many of you know when Chuck walks into a room everyone knows!  That smile and laugh are so contagious!  There’s never a dull moment with him!  He just has that way about him.  Maybe because he looks like Ted Danson and everyone wants to be by him?   🤣🤣

Chucks love for God, life, family and friends is like no other.  He has been a Rockstar through it all.  Even while in pain and exhausted he always has a smile for our 
pictures and a positive attitude.  Chuck still goes to work every day and fights the fight.   

When Chuck was first diagnosed with Diabetes, we never thought it would lead us to where we are now.  His team of doctors have come to the conclusion that having undiagnosed diabetes for 10 years has destroyed his liver.  They diagnosed him with NASH.  Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is a syndrome that develops in patients who are not alcoholic; it causes liver damage.  

With this diagnosis came all of the symptoms that go with it.  Some came right away, others are now manifesting themselves which indicates his liver disease is aggressively progressing and his health is declining.  With his liver and health declining Chuck has now been put on the Dallas and Fort Worth transplant list for Baylor Scott & White.  

When we get that call to go to BSW downtown- Roberts Building, we need to be ready to go!  Game on.. let’s get this liver!  There could be a time when we get the call, go and the donors liver fails and we go home and wait for the next call.  

After the transplant Chuck will be in ICU for a couple days and then moved to a room for about 4-6 days.  
When released he will be sent home “recover”.  This will intel 6 weeks of biweekly doctor appointments downtown Dallas (6am-3pm) to watch his liver for rejection.  They say that 50% of the livers are rejected... but they have a successful regimen to help combat the rejection.   

After the initial 6 weeks he will be seeing his liver team weekly and then monthly for a year.  
Chuck will be out of work at least 4 months during his recovery.  He will be on anti-rejection meds for the rest of his life.  
The great news is that he will have a new liver and all of his current symptoms of NASH will be gone!  What a blessing. 

While we are excited that Chuck is on the donor list for a liver, we are very aware that someone has to die before he can get one.    A family will lose someone that they love.  
We are so very Thankful for the unselfishness of someone to donate their organs to give others life.  We will never be able to thank them or their family members enough for this incredible act of kindness.  

We will be using this page to share our journey and updates on Chuck and his recovery.  Please feel free to use this page to send Chuck messages.  I know he will enjoy them. ❤️

We would also like to use this as a platform for organ donation.  While it is a very personal choice to be a donor, we ask that you consider adding Donor to your driver’s license.  When Chuck gets his liver there are still so many others that need an organ donation.  

Chuck has also been asked to participate in a liver transplant research program.  Of course in true Chuck form, he has agreed to participate.  This will help others in the future with their transplant process.  

Thank you for following our journey. 
 We are so blessed and love y’all.

Robyn and Chuck