Chuck Coleman Chuck Coleman

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Chuck is in search for a heart transplant so he can keep saving others. 
My Chuckles, this man saved my life and now i need help saving him.Call it a simple twist of fate. 5 years ago I was an opioid addict of almost 20 years. I was 5’10” and at 90 lbs I looked nearly dead. I had lost everything in life, my mother died in a plane crash, son dropped out of school at the 8th grade, and I was just suicidal. 

Fortunately Chuck took a chance on me and got me help. 2 years prior to that he went on the search of understanding woman’s emotions and how they feel because of his 20 year failed marriage. So he continued doing retreats for women and asking them questions and listening to the things they were saying. All of them had one thing in common, they all wanted to be respected and heard like their voice mattered. So it was easy for Chuck to feel my pain because he has been training for me for 2 years. 

We were both in the search of life and happiness, we were both blind in the world with a lot of noise going on. 

He got me cleaned up and showed me things I never knew existed. I am now a branded model and at 42 I’m still fulfilling my dreams.  Because of him I am now a VP of a modeling agency and I have little girls looking up to me as someone they would like to become one day. 

Now comes the sad part. 

As our business started to take off and we were on our first European tour to visit country’s like Ireland, Germany and Lithuania with a group of women chasing their dreams and looking up to us to show the way. 

5 min from boarding the plane the unimaginable happened.

I thought I was going to loose my best friend, my partner and lover right then at the airport. Chuck already had some heart problems and had 2 stents put in and also had an external defibrillator which went off and tried to shock him back to life. 

It was one of the scariest days of my life. I was yelling for people to help, he was unconscious and I was in panic. 

Part of me was still in denial that anything could be wrong. At the same time, an overwhelming feeling told me that something felt very off.

The lifevest that Chuck wore, came with an orientation explaining the operation of it. The rep for the lifevest company explained to us that you should stand away and make sure others stay clear because the shock going to the wrong person can cause harm and damage to others. This is why you see me videotaping and standing away.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital, he had a pacemaker put in and we thought he would on the road of recovery. 

At the hospital, much to our shock, we were told that electrocardiogram (EKG) ‘didn’t look good’ and he will need a heart transplant  within the next two years. 

Stress is a huge factor for your condition doctors said. 

The year before this incident was an emotional roller coaster for us as we were building our business. But that growth required us to be on the road for over 300 days a year to meet the demands of our clients. 

The doctors said he needs to drastically reduce his stress and start the process of getting him on the list for a new heart. 

As I look back, the care we received at the VA Manhattan hospital from the moment we stepped foot in the there to leaving was nothing short of remarkable. The support and love we felt from our Network and friends was overwhelming. Everyone was praying for Chuck. Although the experience was traumatic, the love and care from others made the experience so much easier to bear.

We were told by the doctors that timing is everything in a case like Chuck’s and we need to be closer to some really good Cardiologists. One of the suggestions was NY which would work out great because Chuck has no intentions of stopping what he is doing but he needs to slow down a lot. 

We have television access and we would like to tell the story across a large network to bring awareness to a mission of hope for those who cannot find it.